Is Vaseline Bad For Your Teeth?

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Medically reviewed by Othman Lahmaydi, RDH

Vaseline is extremely versatile and has little to no drawbacks. There’s also no evidence that points to Vaseline being bad for your teeth. On the contrary, Vaseline has proven to be beneficial for your teeth by reducing stains and even helping you floss better.

There’s no research showing that Vaseline harms your teeth. Vaseline can help create a barrier between the enamel of your teeth and food or drink, preventing your teeth from getting stained. You can also coat floss in vaseline before using it for an easier flossing experience.

By creating a barrier, Vaseline also helps your teeth stay white and shiny. If you’re someone with dental damage in your past, applying some Vaseline in your bridges or crown will help them get cleared and flossed better.

Is Vaseline Bad For Your Teeth?

Pretty woman using vaseline for her lips

You might have heard of the endless uses of normal, every-day Vaseline (on Amazon) and the fact that it comes with very few cons. This applies to your teeth as well: no evidence points to Vaseline being bad for your teeth.

On the contrary, Vaseline has been shown to have numerous benefits for your teeth. Vaseline helps prevent your teeth from sticking to your lips when you smile, which makes it a popular product among models. Furthermore, Vaseline also helps protect the tissue in your mouth, especially for those who have dry mouth.

Apply Vaseline lightly using a micro-brush around the external margin of your crowns and bridges. This helps clean anything that might be lodged in tiny, out-of-reach areas. Vaseline also helps with flossing, making it a lot easier.

To top it off, Vaseline is super cheap and widely available.

How Can Vaseline Help My Teeth?

Vaseline can have some positive effects on your teeth and oral health. Applying Vaseline creates a protective layer that helps protect against stains from anything that passes through your lips. Furthermore, if you’re someone who wears lipstick, Vaseline can prevent it from sticking on your lips.

There are even more benefits of vaseline. If you’re someone who’s had dental damage in the past, applying Vaseline around your crowns or bridges will help clear out any lingering material. Vaseline comes in handy, especially in small, hard-to-reach areas. It also makes flossing easier.

If you’re someone who suffers from your lips sticking together when you smile, Vaseline helps with that well. Putting some on your teeth will help prevent your lips from sticking together.

Can Vaseline Protect My Teeth From Stains?

Among all the other benefits of Vaseline, it also helps you protect your teeth from stains. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth helps create a barrier between the food you’re eating and the enamel of your teeth and therefore, prevents your teeth from getting stained.

If you’re uncomfortable with the feeling of Vaseline after you’ve eaten all you have to do is go ahead and brush your teeth and that will simply remove the Vaseline and all remaining residues.

Can Vaseline Help With Teeth Whitening?

Vaseline does indeed help whiten your teeth, but not in the way you might think. Vaseline by itself is not a teeth whitener, and applying it won’t whiten your teeth. However, it does prevent foods from staining your teeth, which helps them stay white.

A thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth will create a barrier between them and everything that enters your mouth. Vaseline helps protect your enamel from things that might harm it. Therefore, while it may not help your teeth get whiter, it will help you retain their shine.

Can Vaseline Help With Flossing?

Young woman flossing teeth

Vaseline does indeed help with flossing. Covering your floss in a light coat of vaseline will help you floss better, more efficiently, and smoothly. Making flossing smoother is also healthier and safer for your gums.

Vaseline can also be applied in areas such as the crowns or bridges of your teeth and other smaller areas which are difficult to get to. By having Vaseline in these areas, you can floss them with greater ease.

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