Do People Find Braces Unattractive? 

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Medically reviewed by Othman Lahmaydi, RDH

Braces are a more common form dental treatment than you might think: One in every three people has worn them at least once in their life. While they’re considered the “holy grail” treatment for teeth issues in the medical field, they’re not as praised aesthetically. But do people really find them unattractive?

There is no conclusive answer as to whether people find braces unattractive in general. A person’s perception of braces really boils down to preference. Most people don’t think they’re a deal-breaker no matter what. Regardless, the medical results of braces far outweigh the aesthetic implications.

Part of the reason many adults refrain from opting for braces, even when they need them, is that they’re afraid of how their entourage is going to react to how they look. Let’s discuss the science of how people view braces and the impact this has on those who wear them.

Do People Consider Braces Less Attractive in General?

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In a study conducted in 2014, researchers investigated how wearing braces or other orthodontic devices impacted the way people viewed themselves and how they were viewed by others in a social setting.

The results indicated that people tend to find themselves less attractive when wearing braces, but the general public’s perception of someone was unaffected by braces. As in most cases, you are your biggest critic.

Do Guys Find Braces Attractive?

When it comes to guys in a real-world setting, they tend to have mixed feelings about braces. A small percentage of guys find people who wear braces more attractive. The vast majority think that it’s not attractive but also not a deal-breaker.

Some guys also claim that wearing braces makes people look much younger than they are, so they’d feel uncomfortable starting a conversation with a person whom they think is in their teen years. 

Do Girls Find Braces Unattractive? 

The short answer is that most girls find braces unattractive, especially when worn by a guy. Of course there are exceptions to this, but overall, girls are less likely to be attracted to guys wearing braces.

When we talk about the ideal man from a girl’s perspective, the general image we get is a guy who comes across as “cool.” People often associate wearing braces with being “quirky” and girls generally don’t find quirky guys attractive. Again, this is not always the case, as girls can have varying preferences. 

Are Braces Worth It? 

Braces hold monetary value, a factor most need to consider before opting for braces. Aside from that, they can also have an impact on a person’s self-perceived attractiveness.

With that in mind, are braces worth it? The long and short of it is a resounding yes. The benefits associated with braces far outweigh any side effects or drawbacks they may carry. Here are the potential benefits of wearing braces:

Fix your Bite

You know you have bite problems when your upper teeth and lower teeth don’t meet as they normally would. Correcting the bite can be challenging in adults, but braces can fix the issue, depending on its severity. 

Improve Your Smile and Enhance Your Apperance 

Portrait of happy smiling girl with dental braces and glasses

Braces are the go-to fix for crooked teeth. Wearing them may make you feel unattractive, but the straight and perfect smile that results from it is well worth it. 

Reduce Risk of Dental Issues 

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), which are issues with the jaw and face, can stem from misaligned teeth. Correcting the alignment of teeth also goes a long way in preventing other dental issues and reduces the chances of dental injuries. 

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