The Blue Ribbon Appeal continues to play a key role in engaging people directly with the problems surrounding oral cancer.

Whether it’s the risk factors involved, the early warning signs, or the benefits of early detection, anything can make a difference to improving education and ultimately saving lives.

This is how you can get involved:

Blue ribbon badges

This year we urge everyone to proudly wear a blue ribbon badge. More than 250,000 of you have worn one in the past three years.

Each blue ribbon badge costs only £ 1, but this money goes a long way toward helping us achieve our charitable goals.

Over the past 12 months, the money raised through the Blue Ribbon Appeal has helped us directly support more than 350,000 people online, by phone, email, and in print seeking advice on oral cancer.

We ask you not only to wear a blue ribbon badge during the month of oral cancer campaign in November, but all year round. Despite the increasing number of cases, awareness of oral cancer remains shockingly low.

With your help, the Blue Ribbon Appeal can help increase people’s knowledge of oral cancer and greatly reduce the number of lives lost to the disease each year.

Don’t just invite for yourself, but also let your family, friends and colleagues join in!

We want as many of you as possible to wear them as a token of support.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit

In the past year we have sent out more than 800 Blue Ribbon Appeal Kits so that you can raise awareness of oral cancer with your family, friends, patients, customers or employees.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit contains 25 badges, a collection box, an oral cancer poster for your waiting room and details on how to donate the money raised.

Display the box at your reception, at the cash register or in your staff’s waiting room and use it to inform people about oral cancer.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit starts with a donation of £ 25. You can choose the size of the box according to your needs. And charging just £ 1 per badge also means the box wouldn’t cost you anything, so there’s no excuse not to get involved.

If you’ve run out of badges, just ask for more!

Click here to support the Blue Ribbon appeal

Your continued support and donations also enable us to provide more educational materials for dental offices, hospitals, general practitioners and pharmacies.

Donations help people find direct support and advice through our Dental Helpline and help fund the translation of all of our oral cancer materials into different languages ​​so that everyone can access this important information.

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Oral Cancer Month of Action is sponsored by SimplyHealth experts and in Association with the Oral Cancer Foundation.

We are proud and happy to work with both of our partners. Their dedication and passion for oral cancer education is critical to the success of our campaign.