Whether it’s their first tooth or a visit to the dentist, a child’s early experiences with oral health can affect the rest of their life.

Our Dental Buddy program offers a range of educational resources for Early Education, Key Level One and Key Level Two. This includes activity sheets, lesson plans, and interactive presentations. All are free to download to take with you to class.

Ultimately, our goal is to improve children’s oral health. Dental Buddy’s messages for kids are simple:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes twice a day.
  • Eat a balanced diet and learn the importance of eating less sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit the dentist regularly, as often as he recommends.

In addition to downloadable materials, Dental Buddy also helps make important connections between schools and local dental offices.

We want to build relationships between teachers and dentists so that we can invest more time teaching children about oral health.

Schools that work with parents and healthcare professionals play an important role in educating young people about healthy lifestyles, including their oral care.

Download Dental Buddy Resources

Access free, researched, and proven resources to teach oral health in the classroom.

There are materials specially created for early childhood education (0-5 years), first level (5-7 years), and second level (7-11 years).

They are designed to be used by teachers too, so you don’t need any prior knowledge of oral health.

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