Dental care and coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATE 01/05/21 – Dental offices will be allowed to remain open in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during the third national lockdown starting Tuesday 5th January.

In order for a dental office to treat you, they need a fully compliant PPE to conduct social distancing measures and perform adequate cross-infection control.

As it is difficult to source the highest quality PPE, there may be delays in fully reopening your dental office while treatment options may be limited.

Your dental practice also needs to allow more time between each patient. This means that they can only see a reduced number of patients during the day.

Dental offices work to create an environment that is safe for both you and your employees.

Once you are welcomed back to the dental office, you can be sure that it is safe for you.

book an appointment

Please do not visit your dental practice without an appointment.

To make an appointment, please call your dental practice. They can let you know if the dental office is ready to open and what treatments they can offer.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Wales: As of June 22nd, dental services in Wales can move into the amber phase of de-escalation, which means that all dental practices in Wales can be opened for urgent, aerosol-free treatment from June 22nd.

Scotland: Following an announcement by the Minister for Public Health, Sports and Wellbeing in Parliament on October 12th, NHS dental contractors will be able to offer a full range of treatments in dental offices to all NHS patients from Sunday 1st November. However, it was stressed that this is not “business as usual”.

Northern Ireland: On June 29, dental practices in Northern Ireland will enter Phase 2 of the general plan to restore dental services, which includes the provision of non-urgent dental care. Starting July 20th, dentists in Northern Ireland will also be allowed to perform AGPs, which are the vast majority of dental procedures.

Visit the General Dental Council (GDC) website for more information.

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