Building connections between local schools and a nearby dental office is one of the most rewarding activities of National Smile Month, and one of the most effective too.

Visiting the dentist class for elementary school aged and elementary school children is a great way to convey positive messages about oral health to kids, whether it be demonstrating good toothbrushing techniques, teaching about sugar in food and healthy eating, or just having a good day. oral health advice today.

A visit to the dentist’s classroom can actually introduce the kids to the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office and ease their fear of visiting the dentist.

By reaching out to a local dental office to suggest one day a class attendance for a few hours, the lessons learned could prove critical in your early years and well-being, and have a positive impact not only now but in the future.

And if, as a dental practice, you want to forge closer ties with schools, don’t wait to be contacted. Nothing prevents you from sending open invitations to teachers and schools yourself.

Attending a class is not only a wonderful community activity, but also a tremendous benefit for the practice.

Organization of a school trip to the dentist

  • Dental offices turn to schools with an offer or schools turn to dental offices.
  • Indicate what the session will include and what learning outcomes the children will achieve.
  • The schools create and distribute a parental consent form. If the dental office wishes to take photos of the session, the photo approval forms must also be signed by the parents.
  • After the session, the dental office can distribute Dental Goody Bags for the children to take home.
  • Back in the classroom, the teachers can then test the children on what they have learned.

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